Phase 2: Utility Building

Ship the promised utilities and begin distribution of returns generated.

Bonus reward distribution for NFT holders

To kickstart Phase 2, Limau will distribute a one-off reward payout to Project [RE]dacted NFT holders, as a token of appreciation for our early believers. The details of this distribution will be announced at a later time.

Limau token earning

Limau token (actual name to be confirmed) will be a significant component of the envisioned Limau ecosystem. In Phase 2, the token is created and will be distributed fairly to Project [RE]dacted NFT holders as an additional staking reward on top of the APY generated by the web 2 business it represents.

Note that during this phase, while the token can be accumulated and claimed, it cannot be traded as DEX & CEX listing and liquidity provision will only commence in Phase 3: DAO & Token Launch.

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