Limau Introduction

What is Limau?

Limau is a subsidiary of a web 2 business conglomerate based in APAC, with deep connections across industries and expertise in executing complex projects profitably.

In order to enable an uncompromised execution of its vision, Limau have acquired substantial venture capital (VC) funding prior to its inception. This ensure extensive runway for the team and assures the community on the stability of Limau.

Limau serves as the parent company that powers multiple NFT collections, with each NFT collection representing a web 2 business that generates returns for the NFT collection's holders.

Our vision

To overcome the current capital market monopoly by large corporations, utilizing web 3 technology to enable decentralized fundraising and transparent distribution of profits generated back to all stakeholders.

What are we solving?

In today's traditional web 2 businesses, large funds and private institutional investors tend to be the first in line when a company seeks to raise funding for expansion projects. In exchange for providing the funds, these early investors receive a percentage of the company's shareholding.

By the time the company grows to the point where it is ready for an initial public offering (IPO), these early investors would have made multiple folds on their original investments Such investment opportunities are not easily available to regular retail investors, who are most likely only able to invest in a company after its IPO.

Limau aims to overcome this by leveraging NFT's ability to prove an individual’s authenticity of ownership, achieving the same distribution of ownership as web 2 company shareholding structures without being burdened by unnecessary restrictions. This enables our community to access early investment opportunities that is previously only reserved for institutions.

Furthermore, the use of smart contracts enables full transparency of the profits to be distributed and ensures the entire process executed without manual interventions.

How we're bridging web 2 and web 3

Utilizing our strong VC funding, Limau seeks to acquire ownership of web 2 businesses on behalf of its community.

The ownership of these businesses is then decentralized by issuing a NFT collection that represent the business, and the holders of the NFT collection would be considered shareholders and therefore entitled to their share of the business profits. The profits are distributed as NFT staking rewards, transparently visible at all times and automated via smart contract.

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