Phase 1: Genesis Collection

Deliver a proof of concept that showcases Limau's vision to decentralize traditional web 2 shareholdings and simplify retail investors' ability to access early investments opportunities.

Web 2 business shareholdings, decentralized

Leveraging our strong web 2 connections and deep funding, Limau has acquired a property development project in Southeast Asia, targeting the delivery of 70 single-storey semi-detached residential houses.

The ownership of this project will be decentralized via the issuance of the genesis NFT collection known as Project [RE]dacted, where each NFT holder will be considered equal shareholders of the development project and therefore entitled to the profits generated.

In order to accelerate the return on investment for our NFT holders, Limau have commenced the sales of these properties, with 100% already sold as of Q1 2023, with the exception of 1 unit reserved for a future milestone. With that, we are confident to declare a minimum payout of 12% APY across 3 years (total 36% in 3 years) for the future [RE]dacted NFT holders.

To ensure full transparency, the APY payout funds will be stored and executed via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

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