Limau Team Members


Multi business owner including timber, plantation, mining and construction, angel investor for over 20 years, crypto trader over 7 years, team builder, visionary.


Ex NFT Creator, software engineer, digital product manager of a regional tech company, published a dissertation paper on cryptocurrencies & blockchain.


Ex Head Moderator for Wabi Sabi NFT, Ex Moderator for Kopoko, FEW, Spacegates and Collab manager in several other projects. Certified AMA host.


Finance background, extensive experience in corporate finance, ex-business development team assistant manager of a listed company. Currently a general manager in livestock industry. Expertise in finance knowledge, finance analysis and connect people to achieve mutual benefits.


Experienced Digital Creative Designer in advertising industry. Specialized in digital design, AR Filter & 2D animation. Was involved in Degenheim as GIF officer and other NFT projects’ creative works.


Digital product manager and segmentation specialist in several banks, co-founder of startup in the payments/rewards space, crypto degen & coin flipper since 2007.


Former fashion stylist in DIOR. Currently full time in Web3. Advisor, Core team member for different NFT projects.

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