Staking & APY

Although Project [RE]dacted is a standalone NFT collection with its own unique art style and lore, it is part of Limau's larger vision and roadmap.

Project [RE]dacted NFT holders are not just owners of an artwork - they are also shareholders of the web 2 business it represents and therefore entitled to the business profits. (refer Phase 1: Genesis Collection for more information).

Based on the current progress of the web 2 business represented, the Limau team is confident in guaranteeing a minimum of 12% APY across 3 years (total 36% APY) see below for revised staking APY. For clarity, the APY is calculated based on the NFT mint price, and is paid out in USDT to ensure price stability.

Staking APY Revision (as of 24 March 2023)
  1. Base APY payout have been revised from 12% per year for 3 years, to 18% per year for 2 years (the total payout remains at 36%)

  2. APY calculations will be based on 0.25ETH (equals $403 USDT, based on $1612/ETH on 3rd March 2023 mint date)

  3. Dynamic tiered staking APY introduced, based on amount of [RE]dacted NFTs held per wallet:

    • Hold 1 [RE]dacted NFT = 18.00% APY

    • Hold 3 [RE]dacted NFT = 19.50% APY

    • Hold 5 [RE]dacted NFT = 21.00% APY

    • Hold 10 [RE]dacted NFT = 24.75% APY

    • Hold 20 [RE]dacted NFT = 32.50% APY

    • Hold 30 [RE]dacted NFT= 40.00% APY

To access the profits generated, NFT holders will be required to stake their NFTs and acquire USDT-based APY. To begin accruing the APY, NFTs must be staked for a minimum of 24 hours. The APY will be paid out once a day at 12AM GMT (UTC +0), and holders are free to harvest the APY accumulated or unstake their NFTs for sale or transfer at any time.

In Phase 2: Utility Building, NFT holders will also receive additional Limau tokens alongside the USDT-based APY.

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